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He is also in favor of producing a tuition freeze on just about all public institutions. Additionally, he supports more online learning opportunities and far better monitoring of credit transfer opportunities. Dan believes that we need much more transparency concerning exactly how college tuition is set. Does Dan have a transparent plan for reducing expenses for college students? Dan has been associated with a selection of organizations fighting the opioid crisis at a local level, which includes Space that is safe.

Do you understand what Dan Helmer’s plan is to help tackle the opioid crisis? He’d also support initiatives to boost regulation of opioid distributors and minimize the number of opioids recommended by individual doctors. At the state level, he supports initiatives to increase usage of treatment, particularly for all those with no insurance, and also believes that prescription opioids need to just be recommended as a last option.

Recognizing the disparities in quality and access of care, he advocates for a healthcare program that is both affordable and comprehensive. His policy proposals include expanding Medicaid, decreasing prescription drug costs, and ensuring mental health parity. Helmer’s method is educated by the belief that healthcare is an important right, and his efforts are geared towards making this best a reality for every Virginians. Firstly, Helmer has placed a substantial emphasis on healthcare reform.

HB1707 House of Delegates General allows that the yearly net proceeds received by a local government in a special fund established under Section.1 1135 of the Code of Virginia for the building of public facilities shall be deposited in the General Fund. HB1903 House of Delegates General- establishes a Virginia Veterans Advisory Board to guide and counsel the House of Delegates on all things associated with army, security which is national, and homeland security issues.

Republican Deem has sponsored six bills in the 2021-2022 session, including: HB1362 General Assembly- requires the Secretary of Natural Resources to make a committee for evaluation of pending & suggested natural resource rules and also laws with suggestions for changes to be sent in to the joint committees. HB2671 House of Delegates General- provides that users of the Legislative Retirement System shan’t be able to get a service credit for time served on the retirement board.

He supports legislation requiring racial bias training for all officers. Dan supports a program of regular and frequent review for all police officers. Additionally, he feels that a review board has to contain users of the public, not just elected officials, and should be empowered to discipline problematic officers and also revoke the licenses of theirs. Dan is convinced that many police departments, especially lesser ones, have to acquire far better training for fighting racial profiling as well as de-escalation situations.

Would Dan support the creation of a statewide police review board?


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